Group Training

$32 + tx

1 class

$150 + tx

5 classes

A group of people in the gym doing different exercises.

Level Up!!!

Level up physical fitness in groups of 3 or 4 and train according to your body type in a group setting.

Improve your immune system and reach peak mental performance to increase energy. Most of all, it enhances emotional well-being.

Hormonal changes increase stress hormone levels, which increase belly fat. High-intensity training increases testosterone levels and breaks this cycle. Get live feedback with our Onbeat heart rate monitors.

We leverage the cutting-edge technology of our Nautilus One machines, ensuring seamless resistance and optimal muscle loading throughout the entire range of motion.

Our classes seamlessly integrate weight training, HIIT, mobility exercises, and toning routines. This holistic approach enhances the body's metabolic rate and promotes joint stability, resulting in a comprehensive and practical fitness experience. We use time under tension that can help increase muscle growth and provide metabolic benefits post-workout.